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Schedules & Course Selection

MHS Course Offerings


MHS Course Offerings
This document lists all of the courses offered at Morton High School, categorized by department.

Course Description Guide

The Course Description Guide includes detailed course offerings, graduation requirements, gpa scales, and other important information about navigating MHS.


PowerSchool Online Course Requesting Instructions

This document provides step-by-step instructions on how to request courses electronically through PowerSchool. Please note that requesting courses is a two-step process - step one being the paper copy of the course request sheet, step two being online requesting through PowerSchool.



Special Schedule Opportunities

MHS has partnered with Illinois Central College, local agencies, and local businesses to provide students with opportunities to advance their postsecondary goals while still attending MHS classes. Many of these opportunities may provide students with a credential at the conclusion of the program which can be used upon graduation to obtain employment. Please contact your MHS Counselor for more information regarding these programs!


ICC Early College / Strong Start

MHS has partnered with Illinois Central College to provide a unique opportunity for qualifying seniors to begin earning college credit while completing the credits required to graduate from MHS.  Participating students have the potential to earn college credit hours at ICC over the course of two semesters.  Release hours from MHS will be determined by the ICC class schedule.  Students must enroll in a minimum of two ICC courses and a minimum of three MHS courses. Please contact your MHS Counselor for more details!


ICC Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This opportunity allows students to earn their CNA certificate within a semester’s time. A student will attend 4 classes per day at Morton High School and the other half doing ICC coursework and clinical experiences. This opportunity is for junior and senior students.

*Students must complete an ICC application (includes minimum reading score) and interview to be considered for the program. Since credit is earned through ICC, students are responsible for tuition fees (TBD) along with the additional cost of scrubs, a background check, and a drug screen.


ICC Emergency Medical Services (EMS) / Fire Science

This opportunity allows students to earn credits toward the ICC EMS and/or Fire Science programs. A student will spend 3 hours doing course and clinical work outside of MHS (hours 1-3) and 4 hours at MHS. This program is designed to help students learn about emergency and fire services, and give them a head start on a career in public safety. They will earn credentials that can lead to employment after high school graduation and licensure, such as EMT, and/or continued education in Fire Science Technology, Emergency Medical Services, or related field. This opportunity is only for senior students.


ICC Welding

This opportunity allows students to earn 12 credits toward the ICC Welding program. Two certifications, Production Welder and Welding Operator will be earned through this program. Students will be granted four hours of release time to attend classes on campus at ICC. This opportunity is for junior and senior students. Please note, students can also complete portions of the ICC Welding sequence through dual credit classes offered at MHS. 


Work-Based Learning Construction

Work-Based Learning is a hands-on learning experience offered in Tazewell and Peoria County.  This program is presented by Peoria PERFECT. A student will attend 4 classes per day at Morton High School and the other half at the site of their Work-Based Learngin classes. Additional information and applications are available at http://www.perfectpeoria.com/wbl.html and the MHS Counseling Office. This opportunity is for junior and senior students.


Work Cooperative Program

A cooperative work-study program designed for students interested in gaining skills and experience necessary for the world of work. Students are released from school for their paid cooperative education experience and participate in related classroom instruction. The course content includes further career education opportunities, planning for the future, job-seeking skills, personal development, legal protection and responsibilities, economics and the job, organizations, and job termination.  Additional content is structured to meet the Consumer Education requirement for graduation. This course content includes: financial literacy (banking, saving and investing, financing, budgeting), personal insurance, credit usage and problems, state and federal income taxes, transportation, housing, mortgages, and simple contracts. Decision-making principles will be emphasized in order to achieve maximum utilization and satisfaction from resources, to evaluate alternatives in the marketplace, and to understand the rights and responsibilities of the consumer interacting with agriculture, business, labor unions, and government. Students are selected for this program through an application and interview process. This opportunity is only for senior students.


Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

This opportunity partners with local businesses to provide apprenticeship opportunities for students seeking a career pathway in the trades. Students work in conjunction with the CTE department at MHS to be placed with a business for hands-on learning experience. Students are granted up to three hours of release time from their MHS schedule to attend their apprenticeship.


7-Semester Graduation
Students who have completed seven semesters of high school and have met all MHS graduation requirements are eligible to graduate in December of their senior year. Students pursuing this opportunity must complete an approval form that is signed by a parent/guardian prior to November of their senior year.  Students pursuing this opportunity should schedule a meeting with their MHS Counselor in the spring semester of their junior year in order to indicate their intent to graduate early and to affirm their eligibility to complete all of their graduation requirements.


Postsecondary Planning Resources

The Beyond Morton High School packet is a resource created by the Counseling Office. It provides information on postsecondary planning. A month-by-month calendar is included, which outlines a check-list for both junior and senior year. For help with planning for the future, email or schedule an individual appointment with your MHS Counselor!


Beyond Morton High School Packet