Report Bullying


Bullying is NOT acceptable and is strictly prohibited.  All instances of bullying that are reported to MHS are taken seriously and investigated to the fullest extent. 


If a student believes they are a victim of bullying, we encourage communication with a student's counselor and/or administrator.  The School Safety Form HERE allows for confidential reporting. We always welcome this communication through email or phone calls. Prompt reporting is important in these situations. 



Mrs. Holly Riggins

Director of School Counseling & Counselor for Last Names: A-C

 (309) 266-7182 (x6060)

Mrs. Jordan Spicklemire

Counselor for Last Names D-J

 (309) 266-7182 (x6065)

Mrs. Christina Kienitz

Counselor for Last Names: K-N

 (309) 266-7182 (x6070)


Mrs. Stephanie Brown

Counselor for Last Names: O-Sh

 (309) 266-7182 (x6050)

Mrs. Taylor King

Counselors for Last Names Si-Z

 (309) 266-7182 (x6055)


Below are some resources to combat bullying and to support you.


Morton School District Bullying Policy