MHS College Credit Opportunities

MHS College Credit Opportunities

Morton High School provides a variety of college credit options by which students can earn college credit before graduating from high school.  These options include:

  • Dual Credit through Illinois Central College

  • Advanced Placement Courses and Testing

  • CLEP (College Level Entrance Proficiency testing) at ICC

  • ICC Online College Courses

  • Early College - ICC/Strong Start

  • ICC’s Health Occupations (CNA) Program

  • ICC’s Emergency Medical Technician Program

  • ICC’s Welding Program

  • ICC's Emergency Medical Technician/Fire Science Technology Program 


MHS Early College - Dual Credit

MHS offers 9 dual credit courses through Illinois Central College for juniors and seniors.  The credit is transferable to many other colleges and universities. These courses include:

  • Expository Writing - Honors (ENGL 110)

  • Advanced Speech (COMM 110)

  • Economics 1 (ECON 111)

  • AP Chemistry - Honors Sem. 1 (CHEM 130)  

  • Intro to Astronomy - Honors (PHYSC 114)

  • Earth Science/Intro to Geology - Honors (EASC 116)

  • Music Theory (MUS 136)

*Please note that these courses are offered based on student demand for the course.

*Students may take the classes without earning dual credit, but must still meet ICC admissions and enrollment standards.


Students enroll for dual credit courses by requesting them during the normal course registration process each January.  In addition to the course registration form, students must submit a MHS Early College (Dual Credit) Registration form.


For course descriptions, prerequisites and costs, please see the MHS Course Description Guide (resources tab). 


Students and parents are responsible for ensuring the classes will transfer from ICC to another school.  Please contact the office of  Transfer Planning at ICC, the receiving institution’s office of transfer assistance,  or use


Advanced Placement Courses and Exams

MHS offers 9 AP courses.  Students have the potential to earn college credit by taking AP exam(s) and showing college-level proficiency, typically a 3-5 on the AP exam.  MHS AP course offerings include:

  • Biology

  • Calculus AB

  • Chemistry

  • Computer Science Principles

  • Computer Science A

  • Physics

  • Spanish

  • Statistics

  • World History

  • Psychology

*Please note that these courses are offered based on student demand for the course.


To help prepare all students for the global workforce, the College Board and Project Lead The Way (PLTW) have partnered on a program that leverages the success of the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program® (AP) and Project Lead The Way’s applied learning programs. To learn more about his opportunity, click here.


Students enroll in AP (and PLTW) courses by requesting them during the normal course registration process each January.  For course descriptions and prerequisites, please see the MHS Course Description Guide (resources tab).  


Find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores by using the AP Credit Policy Search.


CLEP (College Level Entrance Proficiency testing) at ICC

In addition to dual credit and AP coursework, students can earn college credit for other content areas by preparing for and taking CLEP exam(s).  Upon completion of an exam, students will receive their CLEP score.


There are no pre-set exam administration dates, so exams can be taken year-round when students are ready. Illinois Central College is an authorized CLEP testing center so the scores are transferable to other institutions.  


Exam policies vary by institution so it is important to research them in advance.  Students can earn college credit in a variety of subjects. More than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities grant credit for CLEP. Find a college’s CLEP credit policy by visiting CLEP Search Institution Policies.


Online High School Only Classes through ICC

MHS coordinates with ICC to enroll and offer online transferable college courses exclusively taught to area high school students.  The online courses are taken independent of MHS and will not appear on a student’s MHS transcript, but it is a great opportunity to earn college credit at a significantly discounted price.  Please see your counselor for more details and to register. Space is available for the courses on a first come, first served basis. Some restrictions apply. Please see your counselor for more information.  


Online courses vary by semester, but often include:

  • Art 110

  • ENGL 111 (prerequisite - MHS Expository Writing)

  • PSY 110

  • SOC 110 

  • MATH 110 (for liberal arts majors)

  • MATH 111

  • BUS 110 

  • HLTH 121


For course descriptions and ICC prerequisites, see ICC’s Course Descriptions.


Students and parents are responsible for ensuring the classes will transfer from ICC to another school and meet the student’s program of study and financial aid award restrictions.  Please contact the office of Transfer Assistance at ICC, the receiving institution’s office of transfer assistance, or use


Early College ICC - On-Campus Programs

MHS has partnered with Illinois Central College to provide unique opportunities for qualifying juniors and seniors.



Strong Start is an opportunity for seniors to begin earning college credit while completing the credits required to graduate from MHS. Participating students have the potential to earn up to 12 college credit hours at ICC over the course of two semesters.


In order for students to participate, they must complete an application December/January of their junior.  Applicants should meet the following criteria:

  1. Have 3.0 credits or less remaining of required courses at the start of the senior year.

  2. Earned an overall GPA equivalent of 3.00 prior to the start of their senior year.

  3. Has not been suspended from school during their high school career.

  4. Has had 7 or fewer absences each semester of junior year.

  5. Students who do not meet the above criteria may appeal to the Counseling Office.

Please see the MHS Course Description Guide and/or the student’s counselor for more information.  


ICC’s Work-Based Learning/Dual Credit Health Occupations Program

The Work-Based Learning/Dual Credit Health Occupations Program is a one semester program completed during either the Fall or Spring semester of junior or senior year.  It will meet from 7am to 10am Monday through Friday. Students will be taking 7.5 credit hours including HLTH 112 (CNA), HLTH 116 (Alzheimer’s), HLTH 041 (CPR), and ICC 104 (Health Careers Exploration).  ICC hosts Morton High School students at the ICC South campus in Pekin.


Students will exit this program with eligibility to sit for the Nursing Assistant State Exam, CPR Certification, and 7.5 college credits.


Once applications are screened, students may be scheduled for an interview. Selection for this program is based on availability and high school attendance record. Seniors may be given preference over juniors.


If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact your MHS counselor or Lari LaBello, RN, BSN, Nursing Assistant Program Director at ICC, [email protected] or 999-4651.


ICC’s Dual Credit Emergency Medical Technician Program

The Emergency Services Program at the Illinois Central College Pekin Campus is a joint effort between the EMS Program at Illinois Central College, local fire departments/EMS agencies, as well as a number of local high schools.  The goal of this program is to give high school seniors the opportunity to learn about emergency services in general, and to gain valuable skills and knowledge to aid them in their careers after high school.


Students will earn both high school and college credit for their coursework, and will also earn the

opportunity to test for licensure through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) as an

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) at the end of the fall semester and to test for licensure as

Emergency Medical Technician at the end of the academic year.


Students will be in “class” for this program Monday-Friday mornings, but their time will be  split between classroom/simulations and field/clinical time. Students will participate in three different programs/courses during the year. First, students will complete the American Heart Association BLS Provider HLTH 041 CPR course and will receive their AHA CPR certification (required for EMTs) at the end of that course. Next, students will complete the

Emergency Medical Responder (EMS 112 EMR) course, which upon successful completion, will earn them the opportunity to challenge the Illinois Department of Public Health Emergency Medical Responder licensure exam. Lastly, students will complete the Emergency Medical Technician (EMS 114 EMT) course, earning them the opportunity to challenge either the Illinois Department of Health EMT licensing exam or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician EMT certification exam (upon turning 18 and after completion of high school graduation requirements).


For more specific information or questions regarding the course or program, contact:

Michael Dant,

Professor/EMS Program Director

(309) 690-7540 or [email protected]



ICC Dual Credit Welding Program

The mission of the Production Welder certificate program  is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills pertaining to gas metal arc welding processes for employment as an entry-level welder.  This certificate program provides minimum coursework and laboratory practice for individuals gaining MIG (GMAW) welding skills required by local employers for entry-level production welding skills. Students focus on the theory and practice associated with production welding in a manufacturing setting.  Required program courses include: Blueprint Reading (WELD 111), Theory (WELD 113), Semi-Automatic ARC (WELD 131), Advanced Industrial GMAW (WELD 135), and Certification Preparation & Testing (WELD 150). Students will be required to provide their own personal safety equipment and welding hood.


In addition, students will prepare for the Welding Operator Certificate which consists of twelve semester hours of instruction.  Upon completion of this program, the graduate is prepared for entry-level employment as a manufacturing production or construction apprentice welder.  Require program courses include: Theory - SMAW (WELD 112), Stick Welding I (WELD 121), Stick Welding II (WELD 122), Certification Preparation & Testing (WELD 150), and Maintenance Welding (WELD 161).


For more information about the Welding program, please contact Curt Rippey at [email protected].  


ICC Dual Credit Emergency Medical Technician/Fire Science Technology Program

Associates in Applied Science Degree:


Fire Science Technology Certificate:

For more information on enrollment in Early College and Early College Programs please contact your student’s counselor or the ICC Early College office at [email protected].