UPDATE: MCUSD 709 schools are closed through the end of this school year per the governor's response to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Morton 709 District

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The Beyond Morton High School packet is a resource created by the Counseling Office. It provides information on post-secondary planning. A month-by-month calendar is included, which outlines a check-list for both junior and senior year. It is a wealth of knowledge!!


Beyond Morton High School Packet 2019-2020



Junior Parent Night Presentation 


Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) information & sign-up



Compare schools, search by interests or trade, and more with the links below:



Comprehensive college search database, includes information on SAT and AP testing as well as finding, applying, and paying for college. Offers a compare schools function and matchmaking based on the criteria you are looking for in a school.



Search different colleges based on specific criteria and read student reviews.



General information on college majors and your interests.



A quick search engine for a college.



Do a quick search or complete a survey to find a college that fits your needs.

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Find a career, then find a college, or vice versa.  Also an opportunity for scholarships.



This web site will not only help you find a career, but also hook you up with a college that offers the appropriate major.  One of the best web sites offered for this type of search!             

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Trade-Schools.net is an accurate, comprehensive,  and current resource of post-secondary educational institutions, including trade schools, colleges, and universities.