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College & Trade School Search Options


Compare schools, search by interests or trade, and more. 

Comprehensive college search database, includes information on SAT and AP testing as well as finding, applying, and paying for college. Offers a compare schools function and matchmaking based on the criteria you are looking for in a school. 

Search different colleges based on specific criteria and read student reviews. 

General information on college majors and your interests.

A quick search engine for a college.

Do a quick search or complete a survey to find a college that fits your needs.

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Find a career, then find a college, or vice versa.  Also an opportunity for scholarships.

MHS students have accounts to access personal portfolios including career interests, detailed career information, and programs offered at colleges across the nation. From a student's PowerSchool (web version) account select application (top right corner) which allows direct sign-in to Xello. is an accurate, comprehensive,  and current resource of post-secondary educational institutions, including trade schools, colleges, and universities. 



Financial Aid Information & Scholarship Searches


Financial Aid is confusing for everyone. Below is a list of resources for both finding financial assistance and information to equip you to make good financial decisions.



Link to Financial Aid Tips 2020-2021 

Site used to apply for Federal Aid. Everyone should apply! 

Sponsored by Sallie Mae (but still FREE,) this web site includes test prep and planning for college financing. 

Great site for understanding the financial aid process and how to pay for college. 

Great site for understanding the financial aid process.  Sponsored by Wachovia. 

Good financial advice and lots of scholarships. 

An excellent resource for scholarships!  Fill out the survey and this web site will generate a list of scholarships that you may qualify for. 

Site used to search for scholarships. 

Great scholarship website search engine!



Financial Planning


Before choosing a college, accepting financial aid, or getting a student loan, it's important that you have an understanding of what will be required of you upon graduation - or even before. 

Good for financial planning, career planning, and college information 

Good site for general college financial planning and loan information.



Please Note:

Be aware of any web site that asks for credit card information!  Also, be wary of providing confidential information!



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