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ACE (A Commitment to Excellence)Led by: Mr. Kirk Edwards

ACE is an acronym for A Commitment to Excellence. ACE awards are given at the end of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarters and an ACE banquet is held each spring for the seniors that qualify as ACE winners. The qualifications that make a student eligible to receive an

ACE Award are as follows:

  • The student passed all of his/her classes for the quarter.
  • The student did not receive any referrals for the quarter.
  • The student did not miss any school for the quarter (exceptions for funerals and school field trips only).


Students who fit the above criteria will be entered into a pool for prize drawings and/or nomination to attend the ACE banquet. 


ACE is led by Mr. Edwards. If you would like more information please contact him at [email protected].