ACT Testing



This college readiness test is given on national test dates. This test can be taken at MHS and at other places in the area such at Illinois Central College and Bradley University. For more information on ACT and to register for the test, go to www.actstudent.org.


The ACT has also provided a database of college preferences for the writing portion of the ACT here:  http://www.act.org/aap/writingpref/index.html 



Advanced Placement Test (AP)



This optional test is given in the spring to juniors and seniors and there is a cost. Students can take tests in various content areas to obtain college credit and/or to be placed in higher level courses in a content area when they enter college. Students can test in various areas of study and usually choose tests based on collegiate course focus. There is a pre-registration for this test. This pre-registration is required so MHS can order the specific tests students want to take. Students and parents can contact the MHS counseling office for more information about the many AP tests available.



ICC Placement Test (Accuplacer)



This test (Reading/Writing and Math) is offered in the spring and in the fall each year. Juniors take this test if they plan to take an ICC dual credit course the next year. Seniors that plan to attend ICC also take this test. It is given at MHS as a convenience to families and there is not a charge. This is a computer-based test.



PSAT 8/9 and 9/10




These tests are in the SAT suite of assessments, serving as a checkpoint on progress at grade level and in relation to college and career goals. Students and teachers can use this information to pinpoint areas of mastery and growth. Both tests give projections of how a student may perform on the SAT test junior year. Your student will be taking the PSAT 9 or 10 in April. This test consists of the following tests: Reading, Writing & Language, & Math-calculator and non-calculator portion.






This optional test is given each fall to juniors. The cost of this test is $17 and it is a national merit scholarship qualifying test for the juniors taking this test. The results of this test also include projections of how a student will perform on the SAT. Test Date: Fall of each school year



SAT Testing



This test is now given at Morton High School in the Spring as Illinois's new college readiness exam.  Please see the College Board web site for more information.  Students can elect to take the test on additional national test dates at area high schools.