Career Pathways

Career & Employment Information


MHS provides various career exploration opportunities for students. Teachers incorporate career information into lessons while also sharing job opportunities during our Career Share Days. Freshmen students are introduced to Career Cruising in order to assess their interests and then be matched with career options. School counselors then meet with students to discuss their career matches and create a four-year plan based on their future interests. Junior students create a Career Action Plan, discussing interests, abilities, and experiences connecting to potential careers. Students are asked to create an action plan detailing their steps after high school graduation in order to achieve future goals. Both short-term and long-term goals are created and discussed. If students are unsure of their future plans, they have the opportunity to meet individually with their counselor or be a part of a small group in order to explore and connect to additional career and college resources. 


These sites have been used as a tool for career exploration with information about occupations, educational requirements, and future professional growth.



Career Cruising

MHS students have accounts to access personal portfolios including career interests, detailed career information, and programs offered at colleges across the nation.


Mapping Your Future

Free resource for career, college, financial aid, and money management information.


Job Corps

Information about career technical (vocational) training, and employability skills along with career opportunities.

Illinois Career Resource Network & Illinois Dept of Employment Security

Information on available occupations, wages, education, training requirements, and employment outlook.

Dept of Labor

Profiles covering hundreds of occupations describing what they do, work environment, how to apply, pay, and employment projections.


Road Trip Nation

Provides creative content, products, and experiences to help individuals pursue fulfilling careers.



Career Clusters


What is a Career Cluster?


Career Clusters can provide students with information they need to know when deciding on a career. Each “cluster” includes a set of careers that share common knowledge (things you need to know) and skill (things you need to be able to do). Career “pathways” provide students with direction by connecting career plans to the educational programs of MHS. Education plans can be focused toward a particular career cluster in order to obtain the knowledge, competencies, and training toward a particular pathway.



Career Pathways as defined by MHS


Agriculture Career Cluster

Architecture & Construction Career Cluster

Arts, AudioVideo Technology, & Communications Career Cluster

Business Management & Administration Career Cluster

Education & Training Career Cluster

Finance Career Cluster

Government & Public Administration Career Cluster

Health Career Cluster

 Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster 

Human Services Career Cluster

Information Technology Career Cluster

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security Career Cluster

Manufacturing Career Cluster

Marketing Career Cluster

Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics Career Cluster

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Career Cluster



Military Career Opportunities



SFC Robert Gosness

  • Office: (309) 346-2769
  • Cell: (309) 472-6962

SFC Rudy

  • Office: 309-346-2769
  • Cell: 309-648-6137



Petty Officer Catherine Hernandez

  • Cell: (417) 366-2413


Air Force

Lt Col Rob McCullers



Justin Simpson

  • 347-6811


Coast Guard

Lena Ludewig


Army National Guard

Sergeant J. Lichauer


Air National Guard


  • (217) 722-7412

Rachel Blasko

  • 633-5544



The ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. This test is taken during junior year and the testing date is arranged through a recruiter. Please see your counselor if you are interested.