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Career Information

What is a Career Cluster?

Career Clusters can provide students with information they need to know when deciding on a career. Each “cluster” includes a set of careers that share common knowledge (things you need to know) and skill (things you need to be able to do). Career “pathways” provide students with direction by connecting career plans to the educational programs of MHS. Education plans can be focused toward a particular career cluster in order to obtain the knowledge, competencies, and training toward a particular pathway.

Career Pathways defined by Morton High School  

 Agriculture Career Cluster 

Architecture & Construction Career Cluster

Arts / AudioVideo Technology & Communications Career Cluster

Business Management & Administration Career Cluster

Education & Training Career Cluster

Finance Career Cluster

Government & Public Administration Career Cluster

Health Career Cluster

Hospitality & Tourism Career Cluster

Human Services Career Cluster

Information Technology Career Cluster

Law / Public Safety / Corrections & Security Career Cluster

Manufacturing Career Cluster

Marketing Career Cluster

Science / Technology / Engineering & Mathematics Career Cluster

Transportation / Distribution & Logistics Career Cluster


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